The WIN Innovation Institute

We encourage inventors to visit the WIN Institute at WIN-I2 has two components. The first, launched in 1979 by the Innovation Institute, is the Preliminary Innovation Evaluation Service (PIES), which is for inventors and people with new product ideas. The second component is a Product Assessment Service (PAS). The PAS program has improved and expanded the product assessment format and they now invite manufacturers and product marketing firms world-wide to submit their products for an assessment of their potential in the American marketplace.

Just as most inventors do not have the expertise to patent their own inventions; many lack the know-how to determine the commercial potential of their ideas and inventions. This is why WIN focuses on invention evaluation. They feel we can best serve inventors by helping them avoid costly mistakes. The same is true for entrepreneurs and product marketing/manufacturing enterprises, especially if they are entering a new market where they have little or no experience. Even large firms can benefit from a systematic, multifaceted, third party review of their ideas, inventions and new products. While Faultless is not affiliated with WIN, we do utilize the evaluation services to help us in looking at new products.

The WIN-I2 Innovation Evaluation Service

Faultless highly recommends the inventor consider having their Idea evaluated by a non-biased third party such as the WIN Institute's Invention Evaluation. There are two benefits to submitting the Invention Idea to WIN. The Inventor will have disclosed their idea confidentially to a third party/organization which will aid in formally documenting the date of conception and the Inventor will ultimately receive a report with a score. This report and score will help Faultless streamline our attempt to review the idea submitted and respond in a timelier manner.

The WIN-2 Innovation Evaluation Service is an inventor/innovator assistance service that provides inventors, entrepreneurs, and product marketing/manufacturing enterprises with an honest and objective third-party analysis of the risks and potential of their ideas, inventions, and new products. WIN-I2 is an expression of support for inventors and innovators by the Innovation Institute, the Center for Business and Economic Development of the College of Business Administration at Missouri State University, and our WIN Affiliate, including the United Inventors Association. You can review what inventors are saying about Invention Evaluation by click "Client Comments" on WIN's Main Menu.

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