Faultless Successes

Garden Weasel Retail Distribution

In 1974, Gordon Beaham, now Chairman of the Faultless Starch / Bon Ami Co., and Hans vom Braucke agreed to a handshake deal for Faultless to market the Garden Weasel in the United States. It has been a great partnership. The product has become a household name in the United States.

Faultless heavily promoted the product on television as a lead-in for retail distribution. The rest, as they say, is history. The Garden Weasel commercials helped make the "As Seen on TV" genre famous. Faultless has since sold millions of Garden Weasels. The Garden Weasel captured public attention. It was even parodied in comedy shows such as the Garry Shandling show.

Faultless also worked with inventors in launching a series of successful products such as, the Weed Popper®, Garden Claw®, Mini-Claw®, and Garden Claw® Gold. Faultless purchased and significantly expanded Trapp Candles. We have developed many more consumer products that are in mass distribution in the US and over 20 countries. We continue to seek a full range of dynamic new consumer products. We recently concluded several inventor partnerships and have more inventor product development deals in the works.

Faultless Consumer Products

Since 1887, Faultless has been an industry leader in fabric care with its lines of Faultless Starch and Magic Sizing ironing aids. In 1971, Faultless purchased the Bon Ami Company. Bon Ami has won numerous consumer awards for its line of environmentally friendly kitchen and glass cleaners. Trapp Candles are sold in over 4000 gift stores. The Garden Weasel division has 18 newly designed products that we are taking to market. We located several of these products through our inventor relationships.

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