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Submit Your Product to Faultless

We welcome you to submit your new consumer product. Faultless is seeking consumer products that have patent, patent-pending or provisional patent protection. Please see the appropriate form below.

If your Product is Market Ready and has a U.S. issued patent no. please select "Submit a Market Ready Product"
If your product has a U.S. issued patent number please select "Submit a Patented Product"
If your product has a U.S. provisional or patent application number please select "Submit a Patent-Pending Product"

Submission and Product Review Procedure

We do not charge any fees for you to submit or us to review your product. Faultless is not a licensing agent or an invention submission company. Faultless is the company that would purchase your product or license your product and pay you a royalty. Rather than sharing product licensing revenue, why not come directly to the source and submit your product to Faultless.

We have been in business for 120 years. We have licensed products from inventors for over thirty years. Upon receipt of your product submission, we will review your product. If your product could be a fit, we will contact you and conduct a more detailed sourcing, marketing and distribution analysis. If Faultless and you want to move forward, we will enter into discussions to license or acquire your product or to form a strategic alliance with you.

Each inventor licensing or product purchase deal is different. In general, we pay inventor royalties between 1-6%. Each deal will vary depending on factors such as the: strength of the intellectual property protection, quality of the product, level of development, investment capital needed to take the product to the mass market and our connections in the marketplace.

Thanks you for submitting your product to us.

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