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We have identified several sources of information that we feel are a benefit to all inventors. In many cases we use the same resources when reviewing product submissions. It is important for all inventors to take ownership throughout the process of turning your idea into a viable market opportunity. Faultless is not offering legal advice through this site. The information below is no substitute for hiring your own legal counsel; however, understanding patent law can help you in the process of taking your invention to market.

Most successful new consumer products are protected by a patent. A strong patent offers the manufacturer/distributor more of a comfort level to put financial and development resources behind a product. Patent coverage can differ widely. We urge you to work with an experienced patent attorney to help protect your invention.

The following sites provide information on filing for patents:

This link from the University of Maine offers some tips on the value of a patent search:

Google offers an excellent patent search site.

Please click on the following links or the navigation bar above for the Faultless Inventors commentary on the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the United Inventors Association, the Inventors Club of Kansas City and the Win Institute.

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