Faultless Product Needs

Your product here? Faultless seeks new CONSUMER PRODUCTS for mass retail distribution. We want products that can create a significant market impact in a particular product category. We sell products through the mass market stores, independent retailers, the Internet, catalogs and television. We support new products with product development assistance, design and sourcing, our retail buyer network and new product marketing campaigns.

Wow Consumer Products

Wow consumer products create major shifts in consumer buying habits. Wow products can create entirely new product categories or make current competitive products seem obsolete. Once demonstrated would a consumer be surprised and say- "Oh, I see how that works- wow!"

  • This product is Unique and "never been seen before"
  • The benefit(s) to this product are Obvious
  • This product solves a Problem
  • This product has great visual Appeal

Please Submit Your Product.

Faultless Product Licensing

Faultless has licensed and purchased new consumer products. We seek inventor partners who understand the capital investment, time and energy needed to successfully market a new product. As our Successes indicate, Faultless is willing to heavily invest in marketing consumer products that meet our specifications.

Faultless Product Categories

Faultless markets a broad variety of consumer products. We primarily seek new products to distribute to the mass market Faultless distributes Fabric Care, Cleaning, Lawn and Garden, Home Improvement, Outdoor Living, Air Freshening, Candles, Pet and Auto consumer products. We welcome consumer product submissions in many categories; however, we do not market items such as Apparel, Industrial, Power, Food & Drug or other products with significant environmental or product liability risks.

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