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The UIA is the national Inventor organization formed to be the national umbrella organization for local inventor organizations around the country. We urge you to visit the UIA site at www.uiausa.org and become a member if you see fit.

UIA Mission and History

The United Inventors Association (UIA) has a principal focus on providing inventor/entrepreneur information and support, as well as serving in an advisory capacity to public and private sector institutions. The UIA currently represents more than 10,000 inventors worldwide with a mission to coordinate individual inventors and inventor associations for the express purpose of actively addressing their issues and challenges at both the national (USA) and global level.

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The UIA is a tax exempt, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation formed in 1990 solely for educational purposes. Formed as an outgrowth of a conference sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the first National Conference of Inventors Organizations brought together interested parties to discuss the needs of America's independent inventors. This conference identified the need for a national inventors organization to coordinate and work on the larger problems facing independent inventors that neither individuals nor groups alone would have the time or resources to pursue. These issues included intellectual property and patent reform issues, enhancing the national image of contemporary inventors, and counteracting the damaging effects of fraudulent invention promotion companies.

Acting as a national clearinghouse for inventor resources, the UIA has referred thousands of independent inventors to local inventor groups. The greatest defense against wasting valuable time and money or becoming a victim of inventor fraud is to network with other experienced inventors and to connect with reputable invention service providers. In the Spring of 1999, the UIA created an online consumer education website, www.uiausa.org designed to guide inventors in the process of new product development. Membership is extended to inventor organizations as well as to individual inventors and professional invention service providers who meet specific performance criteria. UIA Members inventions consist of all areas of product development, from low-tech consumer products to more sophisticated high-tech innovations.

Find your local Inventor Group

We urge all inventors to join your local Inventor's Group. The United Inventors Association (UIA) lists all their member recognized groups in the US on their web site. Faultless fully supports the Inventor's Club of KC and we have held several events directly with them. August 4, 2009, ICKC will hold the 4th annual Faultless Starch/Garden Weasel Invention Contest.

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