Inventors Club of Kansas City Mission and History

The Inventors Club of Kansas City (ICKC) provides a learning forum for inventors, entrepreneurs and those in allied fields. ICKC was founded with the idea that every new business starts with someone's bright idea. They firmly believe that new invention and new technology and the unique individuals that create them make up one of our country's most valuable resources. ICKC's purpose and mission is to provide Innovative Education that will stimulate our members to "Soar to Success" by generating revenue on products that benefit both the community and the nation.

ICKC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that meets monthly at The Kauffman Foundation. They are a professional member organization of the United Inventors Association, with over 200 members. They average 25-30 members attending each monthly meeting. 83 people attended the January 08' meeting. Although many attendees are members of the group, anyone interested in the innovation process is encouraged to attend meetings, participate in competitions, and join the occasional field trip. ICKC's member base includes individuals and businesses in all aspects of the invention, patent procedures and product development process including: research, evaluation, funding, design, engineering, prototyping, intellectual property, licensing, manufacturing, marketing and sales.

ICKC recognizes the need for relevant information to guide those striving to innovate and the need for supportive local resources for those struggling in Kansas City to bring their ideas to life. Inventors and entrepreneurs find financing along with intellectual property, marketing and licensing issues most challenging. Generally, there is not one most compelling challenge but a range of challenges that will vary as the individual proceeds and the product development process evolves. ICKC created a website, designed to provide meeting announcements for monthly events with the intent of one day being a more complete site for local resources and information.

ICKC stays on top of current events by arranging for regional and national experts in many areas impacting the innovation process to give presentations and share information about their journeys toward product development, technology transfer, intellectual property protection, entrepreneurship, and the diverse aspects of the invention process. ICKC has successful inventors attend and present the dos and don't of developing a new idea, what they recommend from what they have learned, how their ideas have become great products and their great products that have spawned revenue and successful businesses.

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